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Fin de semana feliz!

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Buenos dias Tulum! Que tal su fin de semana? El mio fue increible. Viernes de cine en Playa del Carmen con amigos, Sábado relax con mi familia! #neftlix y Domingo en la playa por la mañana, tomando el sol y disfrutando mi mar turquesa y por la tarde celebrando el cumpleaños de una amiga en el Hostel The Weary Traveler. Dj Rob Jeffrey nos hizo bailar toda la noche y las caipirinhas de Abe nos mantuvieron muy feliz!!! 13015176_1191028294243539_7720364744997591374_n20161002_193700

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Mangroove Cenote Club – Hotel – Bar & Restaurant

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I love the cenotes in Tulum. Everyone one of them is so different then the other and the businesses that pop up around the cenotes are equally as diverse. While riding my bike on the south end of the beach road I saw a new cenote entrance next to a beautiful stone bar and restaurant.Mangroove Tulum

I could already tell this looked like a beautiful place to have a bite or a drink- but then at the top of the back stairs you see a long wooden path. It is clear that whatever was at the end of this “yellow brick road” was going to be amazing.Mangroove Tulum

a short walk down the path brings you to 4 suites each resting high above the mangroves. Each suite was beautifully appointed with private stunning bathrooms, screened 4 poster beds, ceiling fans and BEAUTIFUL views of the mangrove canopy.

Mangroove Tulum

Each suite also has a perfect sitting area to enjoy the beautiful view with a cocktail from the bar and a good book.

Mangroove Tulum

As I continued down the wooden path I came to the cenote! So amazing! I must say I love the concept of a “cenote club” There were large round lounge beds to relax on as well as a sun umbrella to shield from the hot sun. However in my case, it shielded from the tropical rain that had just started to fall when I was there. The rain created the most breathtaking site on the cenote.

20130520-033335 p.m..jpg

This cenote is a small river way that connects via a short swim or paddle away to a very large open air  cenote. The large open cenote is breathtaking and has always been one of my favorite spots. The intimacy of the connecting water way makes a very private afternoon but the easy access to the large area makes it the perfect place to canoe or paddle board, both of which are available for rent.Mangroove Tulum

I was not able to try the food but I am very much looking forward to it.

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Ziggy’s beach club!

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Ziggies Beach Club
Beach clubs in Tulum can be hit or miss. But I have always enjoyed the Beach Club at Cabanas Tulum. I remember when it first opened several years ago. This is always one of my favorite spots to come with my kids.

Things to do with kids in Tulum can be tough to find. Parents want to relax and enjoy their meals and kids do not want to sit forever while their parents enjoy– enter Ziggies Beach Club. I love this spot with kids because 1- they have a trampoline (although this is currently being repaired as of may 2013) 2- they have a pool table within easy reach of a table so that parents can enjoy their meal while the kids enjoy a pool game.
3- they have tables during the day right down on the beach so that kids can easily play in the water.

As a parent of 2 kids I can say that having them entertained while I enjoy 1 of my favorite dishes from their vast menu. One of my favorites is the chicken caesar wrap with a glass of crispy white wine. It is simple but classic and always good!

They have a number of special events that I have attended as well from wine classes featuring mexican wines- which I loved, to lobster night, tequila tastings and a specialty Mexican dinner buffet. I have been talking to the owners about getting these events on the Tulum Events Calendar and hopefully you will see them there soon.

Stay tuned- but in the mean time…. any time is a good time to go to Ziggies Beach Club in Tulum.

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What an amazing Mother´s Day in Tulum!

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Beach in Tulum at Cabanas la Luna

A great view for breakfast

I am not really sure how I could have had a better Mother’s Day weekend. In Mexico Dia de las madres is Always on May 10, regardless of the day of the week- in the USA it is the 2nd Sunday. S every few years – like this one- it creates an amazing weekend of LOVE MOMMY!

Las Estrellas at Cabanas la Luna

Bacon and Cheese omelet! Yummy!

So Friday, started out by working from home as usual. After getting the kids from school we headed down to the First Friday event at Mateo’s —— This was great because there was great art everywhere- kids activities- kite flying- face painting etc. Once the kids left with their father, I stayed and covered the event for work (I love my job!) After the event I headed into town to listen to some live music! I stopped of at Curanderos and Mint and as always both were a blast. Amazingly I was in bed by 2 am (that is really early for Tulum’s nightlife! as bands do not start until 11 pm in town)Las Estrellas at Cabanas la Luna (3)

Saturday I spent my day in my bed with the ac on and watched shows on the internet. Later in the afternoon I headed out to a cenote to cool off even more.

Sunday morning was met with kids and Ruben taking me to the beach to enjoy an amazing breakfast at Cabanas La Luna (LINK) The food here is incredible we were all pretty happy. For the rest of the day we played on the beach- got a tan and drank smoothies (Cabanas La Luna makes some killer smoothies) To top off the already killer food day I had, the guys in the kitchen who are long time friends sent me home with dinner- Their special that day- Filet Mignon with asparagus and green potatoes! It was amazing! The kids and I curled up in bed and ate the best dinner we have had in a LONG time!



As if the weekend ending their would not be enough- On Monday a friend of mine was sent to give me a massage while the kids were gone with my husband- where they went I had no idea- and I really did not care- I was getting a massage jajaja I did not care about anything at that moment.

When they got home they were holding my gift…. a beautiful kitty! My long time cat, Calvin died this past year after being with me for 15 years. So getting such a special kitty was a real treat. We named him Hobbs. I must say…. this Mother’s Day is going down in history!088

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Fun for the whole family! Every First Friday of the month

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Mateo's First Friday TulumFun activities to with kids in Tulum are not the easiest thing to find. Well, I have to say that my kids are looking forward to returning to Mateo’s on the first Friday of June! Keeping the kids happy and entertained allows for the grown ups to enjoy the MANY amazing shows, demonstrations or activities around during First Friday.Mateo's First Friday Tulum

Mateo’s in Tulum has always been knows for having something for everyone. With several different levels and areas to enjoy your afternoon with different entertainment in each. Match that to the crazy imagination of the owner, Matt and you get some pretty spectacular events!

Mateo's First Friday Tulum

This past Friday marked the opening of the latest from this mastermind of fun… First Friday Live Art Expo. Yes, I know- last Friday was not the First Friday of May! The event had been postponed from the previous Friday due to weather concerns.

Mateo's First Friday Tulum

Anyway…. The beauty behind this idea is not to have a place with a bunch of artisans selling their items but rather a LIVE demonstration of how they do it. Pieces are for sale as well but the as the afternoon draws into night the blank canvas begins to come alive.Mateo's First Friday Tulum

There were several stations set up all around and the whole place was a buzz with energy. From a spray paint artist doing a stunning mural on the back wall to several artists painting large canvases, a talented body painter, beautiful jewelry makers, a chess table, kite flying on the upper deck, a table stocked with art supplies and Mexican images for you to create your own piece of art and add to that the amazing sounds of Son de la Barrio playing their incredible reggae cuban music!338


Art piece done by Ink2Lu’um

A perfect afternoon and night! The event goes from 4 in the afternoon until the restaurant closes and will be held on the first Friday of every month. If you would like to participate in first Friday as an artisan, contact Mateo’s at

If you are in town on the First Friday of any month- head to Mateo’s for this event- you will not regret it.

This is one event that

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