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Raining in Tulum, duck and cover Breakfast!

By at April 30, 2013 | 12:00 pm | 0 Comment

Ziggys Beach Club

Rain in Tulum comes in quickly and  disappears just as fast. People are always emailing me – asking me what the weather is like during certain times of the year. The fact is that most days are absolutely beautiful. Some a little more hot then others – some much more humid then others, but all are beautiful.

20130430-123859 p.m..jpg

Today was a beautiful example of the rain in Tulum. The morning was beautiful, a little cloudy but beautiful. On the ride to the beach for work I could tell that the rain was about to start in 3 or 4 minutes. You get really good at this skill the longer you live here. My son has uncanny ability to call out the rain about 30-45 minutes before it starts. I will never forget our first Christmas here, we stayed at Blue Tulum, back before it was Adonis. My son, then 4 turned to his grandparents and me and said, “We better head inside. It is going to rain soon.” An older couple near by chuckled at the cute little boy thinking it was going to rain- as it was a remarkably clear day.  Like this  type of sky…tulum beach

Never the less, we packed up and headed into get a snack. about 15 minutes later with almost NO warning what-so-ever, the rain began to dump on the pool area where we had been sitting. When the older couple ran inside and saw my son they complimented his remarkable skills. Every since, he has rarely been wrong.

Well anyway…. today I ducked into Cabanas Tulum just in time. I must say that I was actually very glad to get rained on because it gave me a chance to get one of my favorite breakfasts in Tulum… the Eggs Benedict at Ziggy’s Beach Club. I must say that since I moved to Mexico I have rarely had a really good Eggs Benedict.   The only 2 exceptions to this that I have found are.  1) Mezzanine Hotel – The eggs Benedict here were really really amazing and I mean seriously…. check out this view!

eggs-benedictand the 2nd is at  Ziggy’s Beach Club.  Well today, I got my special treat… I got to sit back and watch the sea thrash and the rain plop onto the sand while eating an amazing Eggs Benedict and enjoy a beautiful glass of white wine!20130430-125943 p.m..jpg

and now, in true Tulum form, the rain has past, the sun has come out and it is time to get back on with my day.

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