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Co.Con Amor – Vegetarians dream and General (feel fabulous) Store!!!!!

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Co.Con Amor, Tulum
Co. Con Amor Tulum

Co. Con Amor Tulum

I have been off the Tulum blog for quite a bit now.  So sorry for my long delay but it has been a time filled with some pretty amazing developments. More on those coming in future posts.  But part of my new kick ass – and taking names year is getting back to keeping all of you updated on all the new and wonderful things going on in Tulum.    Well, I am glad to say that I am back and WOW is there a lot to tell about.


Co.Con Amor, Tulum

Co.Con Amor, Tulum

The perfect post to bring be back to — “Man, Tulum  is amazing!”  is the new restaurant / store / chill spot  you are back to nature and surrounded with… well, LOVE.

Upon entering through the corridor  passed the brightly painted and inviting sign in the front of the store, directly across the streetCo. Con Amor Tulum from the Chadarui Super market,  you are surrounded with nature in this inviting garden setting.  With large stuffed sofas, wooden tables and mix match chairs, the whole setting is really comfortable and easy.


The restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options as well.  They try to make absolutely everything that goes into the food and purchase very little.  In many cases they grow what they can right on the property in scattered pots and planters as well as the rooftop garden area.


Co. Con Amor TulumWe were lucky enough to enjoy a cup of Kombucha, a fermented tea that was delicious and due to an active organism has tons of health benefits as well. They would be able to explain it to much better then I.


The shop that they have set up is really amazing.  The products available are all stored in large clear glass jars and range from food items such as beans, seeds, nuts and sugars to beauty and skin products.

Available for your refillable glass jars are household cleaning products – talk about clean living!Co. Con Amor Tulum


20150703_175857 Restaurants and hotels  that have to go containers can now purchase in bulk these bio degradable containers made of sugar cane!  AMAZING! I hope to see these all over Tulum.

Co.Con Amor is open from 10 am –  7 pm. I certainly cannot wait to go back and try some more items from the menu.


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