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Fin de semana feliz!

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Buenos dias Tulum! Que tal su fin de semana? El mio fue increible. Viernes de cine en Playa del Carmen con amigos, Sábado relax con mi familia! #neftlix y Domingo en la playa por la mañana, tomando el sol y disfrutando mi mar turquesa y por la tarde celebrando el cumpleaños de una amiga en el Hostel The Weary Traveler. Dj Rob Jeffrey nos hizo bailar toda la noche y las caipirinhas de Abe nos mantuvieron muy feliz!!! 13015176_1191028294243539_7720364744997591374_n20161002_193700

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We are SO back!

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Okay- so I have no really good excuse for not posting.  I have been super busy – but exploring Tulum and that is what we want to share with you.


So here is the deal.- We are back in a HUGE way.   We have finally gotten the Tulum Living City Guide and Events Calendar up and live on both Iphone and Android.  SO AMAZING!  Click here… for the free iphone app and here for the free Android…


Now you can have the power of the Tulum Events Calendar at your smart phone finger tips.


In addition to that… we have taken our love of Tulum and the amazing people that we are lucky enough to work with here – and our passion for making people happy and now are a full – service- wedding coordination service in Tulum.  We are loving it.


We are dedicated to being the most comprehensive City Guide and service directory in Tulum.  And we want to thank all of our incredible readers who have kept us going these several years.


I promise you….. we are gonna show you all of the new side of Tulum.   But still show you where you can find the older pockets.


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Moka Cafe Restaurant in Tulum

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UPDATE may 8, 2013, what a bummer, only a few days after writing this post- Moka has closed. I hope that it opens again in a new location. I hope you were one of the people that got to eat here. Moka Cafe TulumRestaurants in Tulum are popping up all the time it seems these days. The newly redesigned and named Moka Cafe is one of the newest additions to the main avenue in Tulum town. This Tulum restaurant in located directly across the street from main city plaza. When I was in the mood for a great salad I remembered this menu and new it was perfect for what the day called for.


Moka Cafe Tulum

The restaurant has an entrance way filled with comfortable and stylish tables that you would reminded of me of the hip coffee house back home in Portland, Oregon. As you enter the courtyard you can see the beautifully designed landscaping that really makes the space feel magical. There are also these amazing cow hide bags that serve as planters and I think that they are very cool!


Moka Cafe Tulum


The menu is so vast. I was first handed the breakfast menu as it was only 10 am. I was in the mood for a salad and asked for the other menu which I was given and told that I may order from either menu. I hate when you cannot order lunch early. I must say that the breakfast menu did look amazing. I took pictures that you can see below!

Moka Cafe Tulum

The wind blew perfectly through the corridor and to our table which kept it very cool. I had a strawberry and blackberry smoothie and it was amazing. And for lunch I had the Paraiso Salad. This is a bed of greens, shrimp, goat cheese and candied pecans with a house vinaigrette. The salad was so good and all the flavors matched perfectly.

Moka Cafe Tulum

My friend had a chicken Cesar salad which was really really good but had too much dressing on it. But it was still very very good.

Moka Cafe Tulum

This Tulum restaurant certainly does have something for everyone. I took photos of the menu to get your palate going…045




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Dinner at Ginger Tulum

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Filet Mignon- Ginger Tulum

Ginger Restaurant in Tulum has always been one of my favorite places to go to dinner in Tulum.  The look and color palate is sleek and modern, the food is always amazing and the drinks have the kick they should.   Each time dining at this fantastic restaurant in Tulum pueblo makes me wonder why I ever eat any where else.

 dinner at Ginger Tulum

This time was no exception.  I met some friends for drinks and dinner.  We sat in the open garden area under the tinkling white lights.  Although the wine list is very good here… I chose a cosmopolitan.  Here they are the perfect light pink.  Many many times when I get this drink at other places it is as bright red as the cranberry cocktail they put in it and just as sweet.  But these drinks are GREAT.

Fresa Salad, Ginger Tulum

Everyone at the table ordered something different and the best part about that is that everyone did a round robin with tasting bites of each dish.  I ordered the fresa salad which is one of my favorite things.  mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette  strawberries and goat cheese.  It was a little heavy on the goat cheese – but I LOVED that fact.  But it was a touch too rich for some at our table.


Fish with Passion Fruit, Ginger Tulum

Another friend ordered the fish with pineapple salsa which was incredible- sweet with a touch of savory and the fish was cooked perfectly and was accompanied by some mashed potatoes.

Fish with Pineapple salsa, Ginger, Tulum

The same was true for my other friend who ordered the fish with passion fruit sauce. There was the most perfect crispness to the skin and it was hard to stop eating.


The ceviche is always wonderful here and they have a few different options. the traditional and the tropical.  I loved the tropical that my friend ordered with the punches of mango.  I think it is the perfect combination to the fish but I love sweet stuff.

Topical Ceviche, Tulum

The star I must say was my friends filet mignon.  Served with potato puree and a salad, this was so delectable.  It is hard to find a really good steak in Tulum and especially at any good price.  This meat was cook perfectly  -medium rare to medium.  If you are one of those people who like you meat more cooked – make sure to specify but I must say that the way they cooked it was perfect.

Filet Mignon- Ginger Tulum

To top off a perfect meal we savored the rich flavors of Zignum mezcal anejo  which almost had the flavor of a scotch whiskey   It had a caramel or butterscotch flavor that was to die for!!!!

Zignum Mezcal

What is the only thing left to do after that?  Work off that amazing dinner and all of its delicious calories playing pool at Mint Cocktail Bar in town.


Another amazing dinner at Ginger Restaurant in Tulum.  Do not miss this spot while in town!!!!

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