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Caribbean Gardening in Tulum at its best!

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The mornings are my favorite time of the day.   Sitting in my garden in the morning with all the beautiful plants, drinking a cup of coffee and I am not gonna lie… sometimes stealing a peak at all the neighborhood guys that work out in the park across the street.  But mostly it’s the garden and plants.image

Caribbean gardening has always been very tricky for me.   When I first moved to Tulum,  trying to figure out the balance between the potting soil, the compost  and the sand was very hard.  Not to mention being from a colder climate I didn’t know how to plant anything in the tropics.  In spite of all of my best efforts and Internet searching,  it still seems that the  “spit it out and see what grows”  theory works best here. A couple years ago I spit my papaya seeds in the garden and  three months later I had five Papaya trees.  Not long after that 3 of them grew and gave fruit.image

Currently in my garden I have blooming frangipani flower, a small Key lime tree has not fruited yet,  my Chaya plant, ( a local spinach)  Nopales (edible cactus) and yellow hibiscus which never seem to have flowers, a type of bromeliad, pole de Marco , elephant ear, aloe Vera.


The Pole de Marco is a beautiful green leave with a bright purple underside.  This plant is also perfect to make a tea that is perfect for calming the stomach.   I mix it with a  little bit of honey and the water turns light purple which my daughter loves.  The Aloe Vera  is obviously very good for rubbing on your skin but it is also very good for drinking.  It tastes horrible but is very good for you.


There are many versions of the hibiscus  many of which are very good to eat or make a drink from.  There is also a lovely bromeliad that I can never remember the name of it,  but it also is medicinal.  the roots grow in bunches and wrap around a supportive branch or tree trunk.  If you are in the jungle and get bit by an infectious insect or animal…  you can put a small section of the root under your tongue.   I will slow down your heart and slow down you blood, giving you more time to get the hospital.


These are just a few of the many many wonderful plants that you can see in Caribbean gardening.

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