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A perfect night living in Tulum

By at April 29, 2013 | 8:43 pm | 0 Comment


Tonight was the perfect example on why I chose to live in Tulum. Tonight we decided to BBQ dinner because it was incredibly hot in the Ouse. Someone the menu was BBQ chicken legs, roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary and hot dogs. Because what BBQ is complete without hot dogs?

20130429-094250 p.m..jpg

For the BBQ sauce I combined one of our favorite bottled BBQ sauces with katsup, honey, salt and pepper. The chicken was delisios.

For the potatoes I chopped them up, chopped some garlic and mixed it up with salt, pepper and olive oil. I also threw in some large sprigs of rosemary so we got the flavor but did not have to bite into rough herbs.

20130429-094604 p.m..jpg

Dessert was truly the best part of the meal. I took canned peaches and mixed them with my favorite granola, honey, brown sugar and Cointreau. I folded them in foil packets and threw them on the fire. When it was time to dig in, I served each packet with coconut IceCream. It was an amazing end to the meal.

20130429-094850 p.m..jpg

But I must say that what made this afternoons dinner so special was the perfect example that it was of life inTulum. While sitting in my princess chair in my garden watching my BBQ, I was also watching the soccer game going on in the street getting all the 7-9 year old boys running off their dinners, a park FILLED with kids running around, moms chatting and young teenagers kissing hand in hand. In the distance you can hear the music from the dance class that happens every Monday-Friday in the park.

It was a perfect Monday night.

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