Sunday Fun day

Living in Tulum is amazing, but there are just some weekends that are KILLER.  This weekend was one of those.  It started off heading to Playa del Carmen on Friday night to see the new Tim Burton movie.  You know when the back of your skull hurts from laughing too hard? That was us.  We must looked absolutely nuts- and while we are certifiably crazy – this time – we really must have looked it.  The poor guys in the collectivos with us- I can only imagine what they must have thought of us. jajajaj

Tulum beach

Saturday – we spent the whole day in bed – binge watching Netflix. Yes we live in a beautiful place and we should be at the beach or a cenote or a  ruin site every moment of everyday – but – we really just wanted to curl up and do nothing. Do not worry- we made up for it on Sunday.


Sunday we headed down to the local beach at Playa Maya near the Tulum ruins on the north end of the beach road. I love Sunday’s at this beach because it is fulled to the brim with locals- coolers- and kids.  We were no exception.  The beach is always beautiful up here and you can count on there being some great music pumping from someones stereo.


After an amazing beach day- it was off to the Weary Traveler for a good friends birthday.  And while the Weary Traveler is a great spot for tourists it is even better when a huge group of Tulum locals takes it over. Drinks- dancing – DJ ROB- —– TOO MUCH FUN.


Just another amazing weekend in Tulum.




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