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VeganRestaurare Vegan cuisine Tulum food in Tulum has not been in the forefront of the culinary scene until recently.  This steadily growing trend in dining and lifestyle has found its way to Tulum’s  beach road.  Resting on the  jungle side of the road – the greenery and lushness  that surrounds you is perfect for their food fare.


This Tulum restaurant features classic Mexican dishes and flavors elevated to the vegan level.  When speaking with Chef Karla  she expressed her love of sharing her favorite dishes Restaurare Vegan cuisine Tulum and showing that these favorites can be prepared in a sustaining way that does not use any animal products.  Dishes such as mole and pibil  are so staple to us here.  To experience them this new way is exciting.


In addition to their delicious menu items, they serve fresh juices and smoothies that many go nuts over.    Restaurare Vegan cuisine Tulum

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