Pino Suarez Lagoon

Pino Suarez Lagoon Tulum

I love going to Pino Suarez Lagoon south of Tulum town.  Just a short drive south on 307 lands you in this picturesque area far from the crowds of Tulum beach and the heavily visited centoes.


The large lagoon is perfect for families with young kids as well as people who cannot swim or do not like to be deep in water.  The water is very shallow for over 30 meters.  And when I say shallow I mean literally knee to waist deep.


There are many beautiful areas around the lagoon to sit and relax- throw up a hammock- and enjoy a lunch and playing in the water.  Another reason I love this spot is because it is free to enter.  You do have to be careful because there have been efforts recently to privatize the area and many times they will try to tell you that you have to pay because it is private.  From all the research that we have done this is not the case and they are not allowed to charge you an entrance.


However- there are some people that take care of the area and it is nice and appropriate to give them a tip.  We usually tip about 30 pesos.  Because it is nice that it is being looked after.


To get to Pino Suarez simply drive south on the main ave. of Tulum and continue for about 10 km.  You will approach a sign that spans the highway announcing your arrival to Pino Suarez.  Make a left down the dirt road and park at the end.  You cannot miss it.


This is a great thing to do with kids and a different view then much of what most people see while visiting Tulum. 

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