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Millamores, formally Casa Magna, in Tulum is an absolutely beautiful piece of paradise at the end of the road towards Sian Ka’an. These 2 beautiful mansions have been fully renovated from their original life as Pablo Escobar’s home. After being seized by the Mexican Government these 2 villas sat empty and bare until one woman’s devotion and attention to details stepped in.

The new owners of this property have continued with the decor and feel set forth in the home. It is in perfect harmony with it’s surroundings using so many natural and organic pieces.When we first arrived at the house I was so excited. I had heard so many thing about it. The history obviously, but more about how unique and amazing it was. As the economy is recovering from the panic of the swine flu and the massive loss in tourism from all the hype, only 1 of the houses was open at the time. From the entrance way, you can tell that you are in for something different. The large dining table made in a Caribbean style and from natural woods really made me want to sit down for a beautiful meal. Of course The huge sliding door leading right onto the beach and over looking the incredible waters of the Caribbean really did not hurt either.

The lobby area was open, simple and beautifully decorated. Everything from the stunning sculpted table to the wood seals on the open windows, and further to the seashell light cover and rough tree truck staircase supports- the whole place gave me a feeling of being someplace special. 

The decor throughout the whole property but particularly in the more communal areas reflect a global taste and unity. All of the items speak so well together and really compliment each other and also bring in so much of the tropical beach decor in such a way that it worked with everything else.

We walked over to the small restaurant to the right and admired it’s openness. it is almost identical to the kitchen that we would want in our home. the details from the tiles mosaic designs and the wooden bowls lined with palm leaves. We ordered a quesadilla for the kids and 2 beers for us. Little did we know that the incredibly kind guy bringing us our beer was the owner. He was so personable and just sat and chatted with us. The restaurant was small and beautifully decorated and the menu had a great mix of everything. The ceviches really caught our eye, but they always do.

Carolina, the manager was wonderful. She spoke great English and was so kind and helpful. She showed me around the property to show me all of the great details. Ruben and I stayed in a room with 2 double beds on the main level. There were 2 small lounge chairs and a built in love seat. The closets utilized natural materials to create shelves and hangers and there was a huge sliding door that lead directly onto the beach. The bathroom was HUGE and had 2 sinks which is Ruben’s all time dream for his bathroom.

As Carolina showed me some of the other rooms I could see how each one had its own style and feel. The same aesthetic is all the way throughout the property but each room has its own identity, layout and point of view. There were some that had several beds, perfect for families and groups and then there were incredibly intimate and romantic ones with Large King beds that looked directly out over the patio and into the ocean. Every bed had the bed canopy which I love.

the bathrooms in every room were amazing. Many featured a gigantic tiled mosaic tub that was far more the size of a plunge pool then a bathtub and were beautifully done in tile. All had huge mirrors,nice towels and candles as well as bottles of water.

The natural elements through flowed beautifully. Mostly made of stones and tiles, the simple designs flowed along the walls with ease and worked so well. These natural elements were complemented nicely by the brightly colored tapestries through out. Dedication to detail, even down to the doors and the beautiful designs in them made of natural woods, made every spot on the property interesting to look at. 

Even though there was no air conditioning, which is totally normal for this area, the breeze came in off the Caribbean waters and cooled the whole space. The large open air terrace under a palapa in the smaller house was the perfect place to sit with Ruben and enjoy our drinks while the kids slept. It was simply beautiful. There was a large roof top terrace on the larger house and it would be perfect for a restaurant or wedding. I do not think I have ever seen so much, so far or more beautiful waters then that day.

There is a beautiful space in the larger house that I know they have done large wedding receptions in but have also done yoga classes.
it is a beautiful space for either. There was also a larger restaurant but this one was closed for the time being. This has just been part of the reality for so many places in town. It is slow so there is no way to keep everyone on, it is a tough cycle.

The beach in front of both of the homes is amazing. The area nearer to the house is shaded and blocked well by palm trees giving it a little privacy which I really liked. There were beach chairs, lounge chairs and lounge beds. It was great. And the beach in front of Millamores is considered one of the best in all of Tulum. The sand is as soft as powdered sugar and is clear from all little rocks and seaweed. It is simply stunning. It is just North of the Sian ka’an Reserve and … I really cannot say how incredible the beach is the further south you go.

As dinner approached there was unfortunately no one to cook, as most of the staff goes home at 5:00. The owner was so accommodating to us and the other family staying and started calling around for a chef. Now, we know that this is not how it usually goes. This is a direct effect of the current drastic change that has been going on here and on top of slow season. But I thought that it was so nice that they started calling around to find us a chef. 

After a little bit, Ruben told the owner that he has worked in a kitchen- restaurant and bar most of his life. When Ruben asked him what he had to work with, that part was easy. There was a full fridge of all sorts of stuff so Ruben got back behind the counter and made a killer arrachera steak fajita, some camarones diablo and some lobster tails with this great sauce. We all had a lot of fun talking while Ruben and the owner mixed it up in the kitchen.

The feeling at this hotel was do different because we felt so much more like we had a home on the beach. Everything flowed so well together and it was amazing. I would love to have my Mayan wedding ceremony here. (We are having a Mayan ceremony on our 5 year anniversary.) This is where I want to have it. It was incredible.


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