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I love the cenotes in Tulum. Everyone one of them is so different then the other and the businesses that pop up around the cenotes are equally as diverse. While riding my bike on the south end of the beach road I saw a new cenote entrance next to a beautiful stone bar and restaurant.Mangroove Tulum

I could already tell this looked like a beautiful place to have a bite or a drink- but then at the top of the back stairs you see a long wooden path. It is clear that whatever was at the end of this “yellow brick road” was going to be amazing.Mangroove Tulum

a short walk down the path brings you to 4 suites each resting high above the mangroves. Each suite was beautifully appointed with private stunning bathrooms, screened 4 poster beds, ceiling fans and BEAUTIFUL views of the mangrove canopy.

Mangroove Tulum

Each suite also has a perfect sitting area to enjoy the beautiful view with a cocktail from the bar and a good book.

Mangroove Tulum

As I continued down the wooden path I came to the cenote! So amazing! I must say I love the concept of a “cenote club” There were large round lounge beds to relax on as well as a sun umbrella to shield from the hot sun. However in my case, it shielded from the tropical rain that had just started to fall when I was there. The rain created the most breathtaking site on the cenote.

20130520-033335 p.m..jpg

This cenote is a small river way that connects via a short swim or paddle away to a very large open air  cenote. The large open cenote is breathtaking and has always been one of my favorite spots. The intimacy of the connecting water way makes a very private afternoon but the easy access to the large area makes it the perfect place to canoe or paddle board, both of which are available for rent.Mangroove Tulum

I was not able to try the food but I am very much looking forward to it.

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