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Sunday Fun day

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Living in Tulum is amazing, but there are just some weekends that are KILLER.  This weekend was one of those.  It started off heading to Playa del Carmen on Friday night to see the new Tim Burton movie.  You know when the back of your skull hurts from laughing too hard? That was us.  We must looked absolutely nuts- and while we are certifiably crazy – this time – we really must have looked it.  The poor guys in the collectivos with us- I can only imagine what they must have thought of us. jajajaj

Tulum beach

Saturday – we spent the whole day in bed – binge watching Netflix. Yes we live in a beautiful place and we should be at the beach or a cenote or a  ruin site every moment of everyday – but – we really just wanted to curl up and do nothing. Do not worry- we made up for it on Sunday.


Sunday we headed down to the local beach at Playa Maya near the Tulum ruins on the north end of the beach road. I love Sunday’s at this beach because it is fulled to the brim with locals- coolers- and kids.  We were no exception.  The beach is always beautiful up here and you can count on there being some great music pumping from someones stereo.


After an amazing beach day- it was off to the Weary Traveler for a good friends birthday.  And while the Weary Traveler is a great spot for tourists it is even better when a huge group of Tulum locals takes it over. Drinks- dancing – DJ ROB- —– TOO MUCH FUN.


Just another amazing weekend in Tulum.




We are SO back!

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Okay- so I have no really good excuse for not posting.  I have been super busy – but exploring Tulum and that is what we want to share with you.


So here is the deal.- We are back in a HUGE way.   We have finally gotten the Tulum Living City Guide and Events Calendar up and live on both Iphone and Android.  SO AMAZING!  Click here… for the free iphone app and here for the free Android…


Now you can have the power of the Tulum Events Calendar at your smart phone finger tips.


In addition to that… we have taken our love of Tulum and the amazing people that we are lucky enough to work with here – and our passion for making people happy and now are a full – service- wedding coordination service in Tulum.  We are loving it.


We are dedicated to being the most comprehensive City Guide and service directory in Tulum.  And we want to thank all of our incredible readers who have kept us going these several years.


I promise you….. we are gonna show you all of the new side of Tulum.   But still show you where you can find the older pockets.


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Restaurare Restaurant in Tulum

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VeganRestaurare Vegan cuisine Tulum food in Tulum has not been in the forefront of the culinary scene until recently.  This steadily growing trend in dining and lifestyle has found its way to Tulum’s  beach road.  Resting on the  jungle side of the road – the greenery and lushness  that surrounds you is perfect for their food fare.


This Tulum restaurant features classic Mexican dishes and flavors elevated to the vegan level.  When speaking with Chef Karla  she expressed her love of sharing her favorite dishes Restaurare Vegan cuisine Tulum and showing that these favorites can be prepared in a sustaining way that does not use any animal products.  Dishes such as mole and pibil  are so staple to us here.  To experience them this new way is exciting.


In addition to their delicious menu items, they serve fresh juices and smoothies that many go nuts over.    Restaurare Vegan cuisine Tulum

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Eurodental Tulum to the rescue

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eurodental TulumOver the past few years many more services have become available in Tulum.  Recently, I came across the new dental office that had opened in Plaza Andador.  I was very excited about the prospect of a quality dentist in Tulum (not that this was new, we do have some wonderful dentists that have been here for years)  but that spoke English.  For me, I have lived here a long time and I can speak Spanish for most things  and get by and be fine- but my kids teeth?  I was very grateful to be able to communicate in English on this one.  The kids had their initial checkups, cleaning and sealants and everything was great.  Dr. Justo A . Fragoso Silva was wonderful  and the place clean, comfortable (ac- yes thanks you)

dentist in Tulum





Over the weekend I was at a good bye dinner for my amazing friend who was flying to Europe the next day.  At the very end of our meal something caught on a wire that was in my friends mouth from some previous dental something something.   The wire broke and was pointing directly down at her bottom lip.  This poor Anyway, long story short – as it was Sunday – and by now getting late we were not sure what we were going to do.  Hoping beyond hope- I sent these guys a message on facebook  stating that I had a friend with somewhat of dental emergency that and I got a reply within minutes.  Now I know that I got really lucky that they saw that message at that time – but the fact that he replied right away with “what can do to help.”  They tolEurodental Tulumd us that they would meet us at their office in 30 minutes.  I cannot tell you the sigh of relief.

Dentist in Tulum

Once at the office they wasted no time getting my friend started so that they could make her more comfortable. After assessing the situation, they decided that they would try to put the wire back in place- seeing that this course of action was not going to be the best- she was clear about discussing the new plan.  As the patient was on board – they proceeded with the treatment.


After just a few short minutes my friend was wire free and able to close her poor lips again.

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Co.Con Amor – Vegetarians dream and General (feel fabulous) Store!!!!!

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Co.Con Amor, Tulum
Co. Con Amor Tulum

Co. Con Amor Tulum

I have been off the Tulum blog for quite a bit now.  So sorry for my long delay but it has been a time filled with some pretty amazing developments. More on those coming in future posts.  But part of my new kick ass – and taking names year is getting back to keeping all of you updated on all the new and wonderful things going on in Tulum.    Well, I am glad to say that I am back and WOW is there a lot to tell about.


Co.Con Amor, Tulum

Co.Con Amor, Tulum

The perfect post to bring be back to — “Man, Tulum  is amazing!”  is the new restaurant / store / chill spot  you are back to nature and surrounded with… well, LOVE.

Upon entering through the corridor  passed the brightly painted and inviting sign in the front of the store, directly across the streetCo. Con Amor Tulum from the Chadarui Super market,  you are surrounded with nature in this inviting garden setting.  With large stuffed sofas, wooden tables and mix match chairs, the whole setting is really comfortable and easy.


The restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options as well.  They try to make absolutely everything that goes into the food and purchase very little.  In many cases they grow what they can right on the property in scattered pots and planters as well as the rooftop garden area.


Co. Con Amor TulumWe were lucky enough to enjoy a cup of Kombucha, a fermented tea that was delicious and due to an active organism has tons of health benefits as well. They would be able to explain it to much better then I.


The shop that they have set up is really amazing.  The products available are all stored in large clear glass jars and range from food items such as beans, seeds, nuts and sugars to beauty and skin products.

Available for your refillable glass jars are household cleaning products – talk about clean living!Co. Con Amor Tulum


20150703_175857 Restaurants and hotels  that have to go containers can now purchase in bulk these bio degradable containers made of sugar cane!  AMAZING! I hope to see these all over Tulum.

Co.Con Amor is open from 10 am –  7 pm. I certainly cannot wait to go back and try some more items from the menu.


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Breakfast at Cabanas La Luna and Fishing in Tankah Bay

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Maanati dive shop (4)


Well, I have to say that I LOVE  having breakfast on Tulum beach  getting kissed by the early morning sun rays. As much as I love dining at all of the restaurants in Tulum, this is one of my favorites.  Even just the ride down to the beach is so much more fun.


I finished up my meeting, official business for the my phone 161day — CHECK!  Now it was time to order breakfast, enjoy the beach and see what the day would bring.  One of my favorite breakfast dishes in Tulum is Huevos Rancheros.  Eggs over easy on a tortilla slathered in beans and a delicious salsa.  At Cabanas La Luna, Huevos Rancheros are served with seasoned potatoes and peppers and a perfectly firm avocado.  I always add a touch of the fresh habanero salsa for an extra kick.  The homemade bread and jams at Cabanas La Luna are the perfect compliment to balance the spice.




I love it when I am having a meal with a friend and we split dishes.  In this case I was the happy recipient of a bacon, cheese and veggie omelet.  AMAZING!


casa cenote, tulum (4)Now what are we going to do????  Then true to perfect Tulum form, another close friend came strolling up and asked what we were planing on doing.  Next thing we knew we were on the road to Tankah  Bay to go snorkeling in Casa Cenote – and do a little afternoon fishing with the Manatee Dive shop.



Maanati dive shop (1)







Maanati dive shop (4)   After a good few hours on the boat we were starting to get a little hungry again so we headed back in to grab some food at Casa Cenote Restaurant.  One of their killer house margaritas was a MUST!


Just another Tulum Day. Living and Loving Tulum.


If you have any questions about any of the places listed here- please do not hesitate to ask.

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Mangroove Cenote Club – Hotel – Bar & Restaurant

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I love the cenotes in Tulum. Everyone one of them is so different then the other and the businesses that pop up around the cenotes are equally as diverse. While riding my bike on the south end of the beach road I saw a new cenote entrance next to a beautiful stone bar and restaurant.Mangroove Tulum

I could already tell this looked like a beautiful place to have a bite or a drink- but then at the top of the back stairs you see a long wooden path. It is clear that whatever was at the end of this “yellow brick road” was going to be amazing.Mangroove Tulum

a short walk down the path brings you to 4 suites each resting high above the mangroves. Each suite was beautifully appointed with private stunning bathrooms, screened 4 poster beds, ceiling fans and BEAUTIFUL views of the mangrove canopy.

Mangroove Tulum

Each suite also has a perfect sitting area to enjoy the beautiful view with a cocktail from the bar and a good book.

Mangroove Tulum

As I continued down the wooden path I came to the cenote! So amazing! I must say I love the concept of a “cenote club” There were large round lounge beds to relax on as well as a sun umbrella to shield from the hot sun. However in my case, it shielded from the tropical rain that had just started to fall when I was there. The rain created the most breathtaking site on the cenote.

20130520-033335 p.m..jpg

This cenote is a small river way that connects via a short swim or paddle away to a very large open air  cenote. The large open cenote is breathtaking and has always been one of my favorite spots. The intimacy of the connecting water way makes a very private afternoon but the easy access to the large area makes it the perfect place to canoe or paddle board, both of which are available for rent.Mangroove Tulum

I was not able to try the food but I am very much looking forward to it.

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Ziggy’s beach club!

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Ziggies Beach Club
Beach clubs in Tulum can be hit or miss. But I have always enjoyed the Beach Club at Cabanas Tulum. I remember when it first opened several years ago. This is always one of my favorite spots to come with my kids.

Things to do with kids in Tulum can be tough to find. Parents want to relax and enjoy their meals and kids do not want to sit forever while their parents enjoy– enter Ziggies Beach Club. I love this spot with kids because 1- they have a trampoline (although this is currently being repaired as of may 2013) 2- they have a pool table within easy reach of a table so that parents can enjoy their meal while the kids enjoy a pool game.
3- they have tables during the day right down on the beach so that kids can easily play in the water.

As a parent of 2 kids I can say that having them entertained while I enjoy 1 of my favorite dishes from their vast menu. One of my favorites is the chicken caesar wrap with a glass of crispy white wine. It is simple but classic and always good!

They have a number of special events that I have attended as well from wine classes featuring mexican wines- which I loved, to lobster night, tequila tastings and a specialty Mexican dinner buffet. I have been talking to the owners about getting these events on the Tulum Events Calendar and hopefully you will see them there soon.

Stay tuned- but in the mean time…. any time is a good time to go to Ziggies Beach Club in Tulum.

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What an amazing Mother´s Day in Tulum!

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Beach in Tulum at Cabanas la Luna

A great view for breakfast

I am not really sure how I could have had a better Mother’s Day weekend. In Mexico Dia de las madres is Always on May 10, regardless of the day of the week- in the USA it is the 2nd Sunday. S every few years – like this one- it creates an amazing weekend of LOVE MOMMY!

Las Estrellas at Cabanas la Luna

Bacon and Cheese omelet! Yummy!

So Friday, started out by working from home as usual. After getting the kids from school we headed down to the First Friday event at Mateo’s —— This was great because there was great art everywhere- kids activities- kite flying- face painting etc. Once the kids left with their father, I stayed and covered the event for work (I love my job!) After the event I headed into town to listen to some live music! I stopped of at Curanderos and Mint and as always both were a blast. Amazingly I was in bed by 2 am (that is really early for Tulum’s nightlife! as bands do not start until 11 pm in town)Las Estrellas at Cabanas la Luna (3)

Saturday I spent my day in my bed with the ac on and watched shows on the internet. Later in the afternoon I headed out to a cenote to cool off even more.

Sunday morning was met with kids and Ruben taking me to the beach to enjoy an amazing breakfast at Cabanas La Luna (LINK) The food here is incredible we were all pretty happy. For the rest of the day we played on the beach- got a tan and drank smoothies (Cabanas La Luna makes some killer smoothies) To top off the already killer food day I had, the guys in the kitchen who are long time friends sent me home with dinner- Their special that day- Filet Mignon with asparagus and green potatoes! It was amazing! The kids and I curled up in bed and ate the best dinner we have had in a LONG time!



As if the weekend ending their would not be enough- On Monday a friend of mine was sent to give me a massage while the kids were gone with my husband- where they went I had no idea- and I really did not care- I was getting a massage jajaja I did not care about anything at that moment.

When they got home they were holding my gift…. a beautiful kitty! My long time cat, Calvin died this past year after being with me for 15 years. So getting such a special kitty was a real treat. We named him Hobbs. I must say…. this Mother’s Day is going down in history!088

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Fun for the whole family! Every First Friday of the month

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Mateo's First Friday TulumFun activities to with kids in Tulum are not the easiest thing to find. Well, I have to say that my kids are looking forward to returning to Mateo’s on the first Friday of June! Keeping the kids happy and entertained allows for the grown ups to enjoy the MANY amazing shows, demonstrations or activities around during First Friday.Mateo's First Friday Tulum

Mateo’s in Tulum has always been knows for having something for everyone. With several different levels and areas to enjoy your afternoon with different entertainment in each. Match that to the crazy imagination of the owner, Matt and you get some pretty spectacular events!

Mateo's First Friday Tulum

This past Friday marked the opening of the latest from this mastermind of fun… First Friday Live Art Expo. Yes, I know- last Friday was not the First Friday of May! The event had been postponed from the previous Friday due to weather concerns.

Mateo's First Friday Tulum

Anyway…. The beauty behind this idea is not to have a place with a bunch of artisans selling their items but rather a LIVE demonstration of how they do it. Pieces are for sale as well but the as the afternoon draws into night the blank canvas begins to come alive.Mateo's First Friday Tulum

There were several stations set up all around and the whole place was a buzz with energy. From a spray paint artist doing a stunning mural on the back wall to several artists painting large canvases, a talented body painter, beautiful jewelry makers, a chess table, kite flying on the upper deck, a table stocked with art supplies and Mexican images for you to create your own piece of art and add to that the amazing sounds of Son de la Barrio playing their incredible reggae cuban music!338


Art piece done by Ink2Lu’um

A perfect afternoon and night! The event goes from 4 in the afternoon until the restaurant closes and will be held on the first Friday of every month. If you would like to participate in first Friday as an artisan, contact Mateo’s at

If you are in town on the First Friday of any month- head to Mateo’s for this event- you will not regret it.

This is one event that

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Raining in Tulum, duck and cover Breakfast!

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Ziggys Beach Club

Rain in Tulum comes in quickly and  disappears just as fast. People are always emailing me – asking me what the weather is like during certain times of the year. The fact is that most days are absolutely beautiful. Some a little more hot then others – some much more humid then others, but all are beautiful.

20130430-123859 p.m..jpg

Today was a beautiful example of the rain in Tulum. The morning was beautiful, a little cloudy but beautiful. On the ride to the beach for work I could tell that the rain was about to start in 3 or 4 minutes. You get really good at this skill the longer you live here. My son has uncanny ability to call out the rain about 30-45 minutes before it starts. I will never forget our first Christmas here, we stayed at Blue Tulum, back before it was Adonis. My son, then 4 turned to his grandparents and me and said, “We better head inside. It is going to rain soon.” An older couple near by chuckled at the cute little boy thinking it was going to rain- as it was a remarkably clear day.  Like this  type of sky…tulum beach

Never the less, we packed up and headed into get a snack. about 15 minutes later with almost NO warning what-so-ever, the rain began to dump on the pool area where we had been sitting. When the older couple ran inside and saw my son they complimented his remarkable skills. Every since, he has rarely been wrong.

Well anyway…. today I ducked into Cabanas Tulum just in time. I must say that I was actually very glad to get rained on because it gave me a chance to get one of my favorite breakfasts in Tulum… the Eggs Benedict at Ziggy’s Beach Club. I must say that since I moved to Mexico I have rarely had a really good Eggs Benedict.   The only 2 exceptions to this that I have found are.  1) Mezzanine Hotel – The eggs Benedict here were really really amazing and I mean seriously…. check out this view!

eggs-benedictand the 2nd is at  Ziggy’s Beach Club.  Well today, I got my special treat… I got to sit back and watch the sea thrash and the rain plop onto the sand while eating an amazing Eggs Benedict and enjoy a beautiful glass of white wine!20130430-125943 p.m..jpg

and now, in true Tulum form, the rain has past, the sun has come out and it is time to get back on with my day.

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A perfect night living in Tulum

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Tonight was the perfect example on why I chose to live in Tulum. Tonight we decided to BBQ dinner because it was incredibly hot in the Ouse. Someone the menu was BBQ chicken legs, roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary and hot dogs. Because what BBQ is complete without hot dogs?

20130429-094250 p.m..jpg

For the BBQ sauce I combined one of our favorite bottled BBQ sauces with katsup, honey, salt and pepper. The chicken was delisios.

For the potatoes I chopped them up, chopped some garlic and mixed it up with salt, pepper and olive oil. I also threw in some large sprigs of rosemary so we got the flavor but did not have to bite into rough herbs.

20130429-094604 p.m..jpg

Dessert was truly the best part of the meal. I took canned peaches and mixed them with my favorite granola, honey, brown sugar and Cointreau. I folded them in foil packets and threw them on the fire. When it was time to dig in, I served each packet with coconut IceCream. It was an amazing end to the meal.

20130429-094850 p.m..jpg

But I must say that what made this afternoons dinner so special was the perfect example that it was of life inTulum. While sitting in my princess chair in my garden watching my BBQ, I was also watching the soccer game going on in the street getting all the 7-9 year old boys running off their dinners, a park FILLED with kids running around, moms chatting and young teenagers kissing hand in hand. In the distance you can hear the music from the dance class that happens every Monday-Friday in the park.

It was a perfect Monday night.

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Flying like a kite in Tulum

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20130425-072821 p.m..jpg

Matt loves his kites

After working all afternoon on the south end of the beach road in Tulum, I stopped off to see some friends of mine at Mateo’s. when I arrived I had, as I usually do at Mateo’s in Tulum, more fun then I intended.

Every time I go I meet fascinating people, I listen to amazing music, and I enjoy the enticing cocktails and food.

20130425-072832 p.m..jpg

But today brought something much better!

I got to fly a kite from the top deck of Mateo’s. the kites were fun, colorful and best of all… Surrounded by laughter. Even when we failed and we not able to keep them afloat we had help there to make sure we did not mess anything too much.


I must say… Flying a kite with Matt at Mateo’s was a perfect afternoon.


20130425-072846 p.m..jpg

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Caribbean Gardening in Tulum at its best!

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The mornings are my favorite time of the day.   Sitting in my garden in the morning with all the beautiful plants, drinking a cup of coffee and I am not gonna lie… sometimes stealing a peak at all the neighborhood guys that work out in the park across the street.  But mostly it’s the garden and plants.image

Caribbean gardening has always been very tricky for me.   When I first moved to Tulum,  trying to figure out the balance between the potting soil, the compost  and the sand was very hard.  Not to mention being from a colder climate I didn’t know how to plant anything in the tropics.  In spite of all of my best efforts and Internet searching,  it still seems that the  “spit it out and see what grows”  theory works best here. A couple years ago I spit my papaya seeds in the garden and  three months later I had five Papaya trees.  Not long after that 3 of them grew and gave fruit.image

Currently in my garden I have blooming frangipani flower, a small Key lime tree has not fruited yet,  my Chaya plant, ( a local spinach)  Nopales (edible cactus) and yellow hibiscus which never seem to have flowers, a type of bromeliad, pole de Marco , elephant ear, aloe Vera.


The Pole de Marco is a beautiful green leave with a bright purple underside.  This plant is also perfect to make a tea that is perfect for calming the stomach.   I mix it with a  little bit of honey and the water turns light purple which my daughter loves.  The Aloe Vera  is obviously very good for rubbing on your skin but it is also very good for drinking.  It tastes horrible but is very good for you.


There are many versions of the hibiscus  many of which are very good to eat or make a drink from.  There is also a lovely bromeliad that I can never remember the name of it,  but it also is medicinal.  the roots grow in bunches and wrap around a supportive branch or tree trunk.  If you are in the jungle and get bit by an infectious insect or animal…  you can put a small section of the root under your tongue.   I will slow down your heart and slow down you blood, giving you more time to get the hospital.


These are just a few of the many many wonderful plants that you can see in Caribbean gardening.

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Moka Cafe Restaurant in Tulum

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UPDATE may 8, 2013, what a bummer, only a few days after writing this post- Moka has closed. I hope that it opens again in a new location. I hope you were one of the people that got to eat here. Moka Cafe TulumRestaurants in Tulum are popping up all the time it seems these days. The newly redesigned and named Moka Cafe is one of the newest additions to the main avenue in Tulum town. This Tulum restaurant in located directly across the street from main city plaza. When I was in the mood for a great salad I remembered this menu and new it was perfect for what the day called for.


Moka Cafe Tulum

The restaurant has an entrance way filled with comfortable and stylish tables that you would reminded of me of the hip coffee house back home in Portland, Oregon. As you enter the courtyard you can see the beautifully designed landscaping that really makes the space feel magical. There are also these amazing cow hide bags that serve as planters and I think that they are very cool!


Moka Cafe Tulum


The menu is so vast. I was first handed the breakfast menu as it was only 10 am. I was in the mood for a salad and asked for the other menu which I was given and told that I may order from either menu. I hate when you cannot order lunch early. I must say that the breakfast menu did look amazing. I took pictures that you can see below!

Moka Cafe Tulum

The wind blew perfectly through the corridor and to our table which kept it very cool. I had a strawberry and blackberry smoothie and it was amazing. And for lunch I had the Paraiso Salad. This is a bed of greens, shrimp, goat cheese and candied pecans with a house vinaigrette. The salad was so good and all the flavors matched perfectly.

Moka Cafe Tulum

My friend had a chicken Cesar salad which was really really good but had too much dressing on it. But it was still very very good.

Moka Cafe Tulum

This Tulum restaurant certainly does have something for everyone. I took photos of the menu to get your palate going…045




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Dinner at Ginger Tulum

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Filet Mignon- Ginger Tulum

Ginger Restaurant in Tulum has always been one of my favorite places to go to dinner in Tulum.  The look and color palate is sleek and modern, the food is always amazing and the drinks have the kick they should.   Each time dining at this fantastic restaurant in Tulum pueblo makes me wonder why I ever eat any where else.

 dinner at Ginger Tulum

This time was no exception.  I met some friends for drinks and dinner.  We sat in the open garden area under the tinkling white lights.  Although the wine list is very good here… I chose a cosmopolitan.  Here they are the perfect light pink.  Many many times when I get this drink at other places it is as bright red as the cranberry cocktail they put in it and just as sweet.  But these drinks are GREAT.

Fresa Salad, Ginger Tulum

Everyone at the table ordered something different and the best part about that is that everyone did a round robin with tasting bites of each dish.  I ordered the fresa salad which is one of my favorite things.  mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette  strawberries and goat cheese.  It was a little heavy on the goat cheese – but I LOVED that fact.  But it was a touch too rich for some at our table.


Fish with Passion Fruit, Ginger Tulum

Another friend ordered the fish with pineapple salsa which was incredible- sweet with a touch of savory and the fish was cooked perfectly and was accompanied by some mashed potatoes.

Fish with Pineapple salsa, Ginger, Tulum

The same was true for my other friend who ordered the fish with passion fruit sauce. There was the most perfect crispness to the skin and it was hard to stop eating.


The ceviche is always wonderful here and they have a few different options. the traditional and the tropical.  I loved the tropical that my friend ordered with the punches of mango.  I think it is the perfect combination to the fish but I love sweet stuff.

Topical Ceviche, Tulum

The star I must say was my friends filet mignon.  Served with potato puree and a salad, this was so delectable.  It is hard to find a really good steak in Tulum and especially at any good price.  This meat was cook perfectly  -medium rare to medium.  If you are one of those people who like you meat more cooked – make sure to specify but I must say that the way they cooked it was perfect.

Filet Mignon- Ginger Tulum

To top off a perfect meal we savored the rich flavors of Zignum mezcal anejo  which almost had the flavor of a scotch whiskey   It had a caramel or butterscotch flavor that was to die for!!!!

Zignum Mezcal

What is the only thing left to do after that?  Work off that amazing dinner and all of its delicious calories playing pool at Mint Cocktail Bar in town.


Another amazing dinner at Ginger Restaurant in Tulum.  Do not miss this spot while in town!!!!

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Avatar Adventure Tours, Tulum

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Avatar Adventures Tulum

Avatar adventures is a wonderful private tour company in Tulum. Snorkeling in Akumal to see sea turtles,  These tours are intimate, knowledgeable  perfectly priced as well as amazingly fun for the whole family.

The tour company is owned by Nick.  A San Francisco, CA native, he has lived in Tulum and the Rivera Maya for several years.  He is passionate about his work and loves to share his passion with those that travel here.


The tour starts with hotel pick up.  Just enough time to grab that first cup of coffee, throw your towel in your bag and head out for an amazing day.  We started with snorkeling in Akumal.  Akumal is a beautiful bay that, due to its abundance to sea grass is one of the best spots in the world for viewing sea turtles in their natural environment.  We arrived early when the sun was just beautiful on the beach and the sea was so calm.


Before we got in the water, Nick made sure that we understood the importance of what we were getting to see and the rules that went with that privileged   It is so important NOT to touch the turtles in any way once you are in the water.  They exists so harmoniously with humans and it is such a privilege to see them.  Be mindful and respectful at all times.


In addition to snorkeling with sea turtles we also go to see sting rays, squid, parrot fish and beautiful sections of coral. Another thing that is very important not to touch , stand on, break off for souvenirs, or hang onto for rest!  This living creature is breathtaking and it is amazing that it is close enough that the average person can go so it.


After a good 1 hour or so we headed back to the shore to prepare for the cenote section of the tour.  This is always my favorite part.   I love cenotes and think that they are the most magical part of visiting the Rivera Maya. After drinking some water  and a short drive drown a beautiful dirt road surrounded with jungle vegetation we arrived at what i am sure is the best cenote in the area.  I love it. It is so beautiful.

There are a few different cenotes that Nick goes to depending on the day and the needs of the clients.  But I was so excited to go to Pet Cemetery   I have heard that this one is amazing and that does not come close to describing it.


You start at one section of the cenote by climbing down into a hole via a latter.  Once inside they turned on the lights and it was just breathtaking.  A short swim through the stalactites leads you to the other section of the cenote which is open. There are entrances at both spots for easy in and out.


After the cenote we headed back into Tulum to get some lunch.  Often Nick goes to El Camello Jr’s.  Most people want to visit this spot after reading about it.  But the guys on this tour had already eaten there so we went one of my favorite places- Amigos de Alex.  This would be a street cart but a make shift restaurant has been set up around it.  It is amazing food and almost NO cost.


This tour was amazing   So personal and interactive.  Nick was very informative, helpful and flexible with our needs.  I even met up with the rest of the people on the tour to hear Nick play Live at Cabanas La Luna.

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A day at Xel-Ha

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xel ha Tulum

I spent this past Saturday with my kids at Xel-ha.  I love Xel-ha.  I describe it as our Disneyland.  This is where visitors to the area can get a great snap shot of why this area is so great.  It shows in a controlled environment the plant life  animals and fish that make this area so special.


The first thing to know about Xel- ha is that it is all inclusive.  There are several buffets around serving many classic dishes from the area.  To be totally honest… is it the best food???   Not by a long shot.  But it is pretty good and there is a ton of different things to try.  It is not bad at all but it is not AMAZING!  And the drinks flow freely.  I must admit though… I got a shot of tequila and could tell that it was a little watered down.  But what are you gonna do.  I commented that it was actually a bit of a service because I am sure that there are people that go over board with the all inclusive drink idea.


After grabbing breakfast at one of the buffets we headed towards the mouth of the sea to start a clockwise rotation around the whole park.  We swam in the Mayan cave and got a great picture and saw some great fish.  Then we walked though the Grotto and saw the way the limestone makes up the ground here and how the tree roots move around it.  We walked across the sky walk and up in the canopy of the trees.


We saw beautiful cenotes, floated down the mangroves canal  jumped of cliffs of courage and zip lined into the water.  It was a totally full day.   Not to mention the fun Children’s Area that is just about the coolest kids park i have ever seen.  By the time we left in the afternoon I was totally ready to head to bed.  🙂


Some logistics, they have lockers at no cost for you to use.  You will want to put all of your belongings in because there is really no where to old anything.  You do not need to take your towels or anything.  I had to do the long walk back to the locker to put our stuff away and Xel Ha is very big.


Also make sure to use eco suncreen as to help protect the cenote and waterways.


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Festival del Octavo Arte – Gastronomic festival featuring Amazing Mexican food products.

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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have an amazing experience at  El Tabano´s  restaurant on Tulum beach.  The gastronomic festival that featured all Mexican products was an experience I will not soon forget.  The 3 day festival started on Thursday, December 6th, and continued through Saturday evening.  

The first night we attended a wine tasting hosted by Santo Thomas winery one of the oldest wineries in Mexico.  Upon arrival we saw the brand-new bar area that El Tabano has just built.  a beautiful and open bar that compliments the restaurant beautifully.  As the sun went down we took our seats in the beautiful restaurant in front of five small tasting glasses this was a special treat as I had no idea that we were going to sample five different olive oil’s grown and depressed here in Mexico.  The director of Santo  Thomas walked us through the process, history and character of both the pressing process as well the different ways that Santo Thomas has been working with these olives.  We were taught the proper way to hold and heat the olive oil and  taste the characteristics of each by breathing in  the air and how to appreciate the different flavors that each olives brings.

Throughout the tasting we were given apples to cleanse our pallets.  At the end, we were given a beautiful Cacao chocolate piece that had been mixed with salt.  This flavor combination was to die for.  The last part of the oik tasting was to put a piece of the cacao on the piece of homemade bread (an El  Tabano favorite) and drizzle with our favorite oil.  This was a combination that I had not had before and it was truly amazing.


After the oil tasting we were treated to 4 different wines from Santo Thomas, each one more impressive and alive then the last.  Each wine was paired with a piece off chocolate that complimented the flavors and characteristics of the wine beautifully.  I wanted to much to stay for the 7 course tasting menu that was paired with a wine from Santo Thomas- but alas— had to get home for the baby sitter.  I did however buy my ticket for the next night.


The next nights tasting menu was a combination of Bui water, a natural Mexican spring water that was amazing.  Each water from the natural, the mineral and the Yurba Buena each had so much life to each.  After Bui water tasting it was time for Clase Azul tequila tasting.  Clase Azul is known to be one of the very best tequilas in Mexico and not only is it amazing in flavor but equally in beauty.  Each hand built and painted bottle is as valuable as the liquid gold inside.  We were taught about how Tequila itself only comes from 5 states in Mexico- much like Champagne in France or Scotch in Scotland- true tequila can only come from these 5 states.  Otherwise it is called mescal.  In addition, I learned that each agave plant needs to be harvested by a Jimador.  This is the man that cuts each plant to harvest.  This cannot be done by a machine.  It was fascinating to learn so much about a product I love so much. 


After the tequila it was time to sample wines from Casa Madera Winery, the oldest winery in Mexico   Again a class that told about history, process and success of this amazing product.  The wines were so delicious and smooth.  Mexican wines are not as well known in the rest of the world and they truly are amazing.  I hope that this festival helps highlight some of this and brings more attention to these wines because they are more then well deserving. 


After the tasting it was time for a 7 course meal each paired with a specific wine.   Each dish was beautifully prepared and plated and truly was the final piece of art to complete the evening


I have not had many food experiences that will top the one from El Tabano´s in Tulum and I look forward to next years festival with great anticipation.

Do not worry if you missed the festival.  You can still try all of these wines and the beautiful food that they were paired with by visiting El Tabano on the jungle side of Tulum beach.  Open for lunch, breakfast and dinner.

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Casa Morada- what a beautiful house for rent in Tulum

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Casa Morada House for rent- Tulum (46)

Casa Morada is your home away from home and we look forward to providing you with all the services at our disposal. We work tirelessly to make sure that your time with us is as perfect as it can be.

Casa Morada is a cozy 2 bedroom house in Tulum pueblo. Only a 5 minute drive from Tulum beach and only a 3 minute drive to the Tulum Ruins. Located in a wonderful neighborhood known as Villas Tulum, just behind the Super San Francisco, this quiet and private house is perfect for families, friends and couples.

Fully furnished kitchen includes refrigerator, coffee maker, blender, toaster, juicer, utensils, plates and glasses as well as full size stove and oven. 2 garaffones (20 L water jugs) are provided in the house as well.

Bright Caribbean colors and décor bring the energy of Tulum alive. The front living room is equipped with Wi-Fi, cable, television and iPod speakers creating the perfect place to relax in your home away from home.

Slip into a peaceful sleep in 1 of the 2 bedrooms equipped with 1 queen bed, Egyptian cotton sheets, air conditioning, ceiling fans, beach towels and Mexican artwork.

The newly remodeled bathroom includes mosaic tile shower, tiled floor, wall length mirror, bath towels and hand towels.

Our private garden is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee or good book and listen to the many tropical birds while surrounded by the lush tropical plants.


Enjoy a home cooked meal in our private back patio or swing in the hammock chair while relaxing from a wonderful day on the beach. 







Our dining room is the perfect place to enjoy a filling breakfast while preparing to explore the Rivera Maya.

Casa Morada is your home away from home with all of the comforts and amenities to make your time in Tulum magical and relaxing.
Specials included in booking include:

• Welcome gift including map of Tulum
• Mexican cell phone to use during your visit *purchase of credit not included- usually $10 usd is plenty*
• 10 % discount at several of Tulum´s best restaurants, beach clubs, bike rentals, and tours.

Special available add on´s include:
• Massage treatments at incredible rates including Mayan Clay (prices range from $45- $100 depending on service)
• House stocking services- choose from a number of usual items charged at the at current store rate- in the house when you arrive (total cost of items + 20%)
• Private chef services (depends on meal)
• Maid service during your stay ($15 per visit)
• Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to USA- Canada as well as many other countries ($5 per day)


The ULTIMATE Tulum birthday celebration!

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Mezzanine Tulum

This past weekend was my birthday.  I have had some really amazing birthday celebrations from small intimate dinners to kids making my breakfast to hitting the clubs in Playa del Carmen.  This year, I have to say it is quite possible that this was the best birthday weekend ever.

The night started off at my new house that has a very girly – colorful vibe with Moroccan twists. I had an ALL GIRL cocktail party – which needless to say got all my guy friends up in a tissy- and as my guy friends outnumber my girlfriends there was a lot of ¨okay- but I can be there right?!?¨ responses. 

The cocktail party of the night was a blast.  We ate finger foods from caprese salad bites- to fruit skewers with dip and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms.  (See my next article from ¨My Tulum Kitchen¨ for the full menu and the recipes.)  And drank pitchers (literally we made pitchers!) of Cosmopolitans and my brothers favorite- Madres .  We laughed and ate and drank till our sides hurt- at which point it was time to dance off some of those mushroom caps!  Just before we left my kids came over with a key lime pie and some candles.  It was defiantly time to work those off my hips!

We headed into town to listen some great live music at Curandero Tulum!  This is one of my favorite Tulum spots- and tonight was no exception.  The band was Ukumali and they were hot as always.  So many of my friends were there and we had a blast.   While here, 1 friend gave me a beautiful pair of earrings from Vicente´s Jewelry shop in town.  This shop sells only the best pieces from Tulum´s best artisans.  The quality and care of each piece is so clear and every piece is special.   I will be doing an upcoming article on this shop so stay tuned!  The earrings were the perfect topper on the cake and we were ready to head to the beach for the Mezzanine Party!


The Mezzanine Friday Night parties have been famous for years.  When I first moved to Tulum they had just stopped doing them and I am so glad that they are back on. Tonight´s party did not d

isappoint.  The DJ was great and we all kept dancing well into the morning.  I was with good friends, with good music and was having the time of my life.


Obviously- the next day was spent mostly in bed with my family.  My kids would bring me things from the kitchen through and my daughter gave me a pedicure- which I will have to be going to Nora Grey´s soon to get redone- but it was sweet. 


The final ending to this amazing birthday celebration was dinner in bed and a movie- and not just any dinner in bed- a 4 cheese pizza and pasta dish from La Nave- and topped off by tiramisu for dessert.  We watched Austin Powers and ate all afternoon.  It was perfect.


So between a Goddess Cocktail Hour- CuranderoMezzanine– and La Nave this birthday celebration was absolutely amazing.  I cannot thank enough all of my wonderful friends and family for making me know exactly how much I am loved.

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Mateo´s Restaurant on Tulum beach gears up for high season!!!!

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Mateo´s Tulum, Mexico

Mateo´s, one of the most popular restaurants on Tulum beach, has been closed the past few weeks renovating, cleaning, and tweaking things for the upcoming 2012 high season. Mateo, who has used some of this time traveling throughout Mexico and the United States has been exploring different flavor combinations and dishes during his travels and is eager to add some of these new finds to his menu.  Stay tuned for specific new menu items as they unfold.  I know that I myself cannot wait to try them out.

One of my favorite things about this Tulum beach restaurant is its easy location and welcoming atmosphere.  In one of the busiest stretches of Tulum beach, in an area often referred to as ¨beach town¨, this large open air restaurant welcomes in families, couples and singles as the perfect place to stop off and get a great cup of coffee or smoothie, enjoy a meal or kick back with a beer or catch one of the many sports events on their large screen tv!

In addition to being an almost immediate success as a restaurant on Tulum beach, Mateo is also using some new and fun ideas for design and function of his beach road  jungle side location.  Mateo has taken things one step further by creating unique spaces for all aspects of enjoying a vacation experience.
Here, a stair case leads you to 2 of the best kept secret locations on Tulum beach. The first level is a hammock deck stocked with colorful hammocks where you can choose to view the vast jungle canopy or over the restaurant and towards the beach.  This is a wonderful spot to sip a drink after a good meal or taste some of the newest appetizers while relaxing in the cool breeze.t the main restaurant is a large bar area with more laid back seating.  For the real cantina feel, the new sports bar, back behind the restaurant, features a large screen tv often showing the best sporting events from around the world- as well as other classic pub activities such as ping pong and darts.

The next level up is Mateo´s Sunset Lounge.  This deck sits high above the jungle canopy and not only provides some of the very best views of the jungle outside of the Sian Kaán – but provides a much needed refuge from the ¨mosquito hour.  The cool breeze and the altitude keep this area mosquito free and comfortable providing one more spot where you can indulge in both food and drinks from the restaurant down below.

Certain nights-Mateo will be hosting a party on the star deck from 7-11 pm.  This event will feature local and international djs and provide the perfect kick off spot for a night on the town. Because of the well-designed layout of the Mateo´s Sunset Lounge, the dj music played does not at all disrupt the music and atmosphere with the diners in the restaurant down below.

While you are visiting Tulum beach you will no doubt see Mateos for yourself with its colorful atmosphere, happy dinners and enticing smells.  I have no doubt that we will see you there.


I will be meeting up with Mateo soon to see some of the new food items that he is preparing to add to his already vast menu.  Stay tuned as mouthwatering pictures and food descriptions are coming soon!!!!


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Taqueria Amigos de Alex

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2012-10-02 12.21.38

Tasting the various inexpensive foods in Tulum is a MUST when traveling or living on a tight budget like we do here.  Sometimes when I am on a particularly  tight budget, I find myself going to the same places over and over again.  But yesterday I remembered a little taco hut that I had tried a few months back and I was determined to find it.  And find it I did.

Taqueria  Amigos de Alex is a fantastic cheap eats in Tulum.  Easily missed or dismissed, this rickety stand serves up some of the best Yucatecan food I have had in the area.  The woman who owns it is wonderful and sweet.  The prices are to die for and the portions are huge.

This is one of those places that most tourists would not really dare to enter without glowing reviews on trip advisor- but I do hope that more tourists visit this fantastic spot.  The food is traditional Yucatecan and prepared with love- tradition and care.  Just about 4 blocks off the main avenue of Tulum this place is by far one of my best recommendations for travelers on a budget, travelers who are looking to try some genuine local cuisine and people who are hungry jajaja.

When you look at the menu you can tell right off the bat that you are in for a treat.  Serving all the local favorites such as tacos – empanadas – salbutes – sopes – tortas and quesadillas– it is hard to decide what to get.  That is one thing that I love- you can order 1 of everything.  They are per item so mix and match to your heart´s desire.

Different meat options include- chicken (pollo) – asada (steak) – carne molida (ground beef) and milanesa (breaded meat- usually pork but sometimes chicken).  Accompanied with all the fixings from cabbage, radishes, limes and salsas-  ready  to top off any dish.

I ordered 3 chicken tacos, which at any other taco stand would have been barley enough.  But I totally forgot about the large portions here.  Large tortillas (although this time not handmade- but that can be forgiven) filled with black beans, shredded chicken, tomato, avocado and lettuce satisfied my hunger and then some.   I have been here when they did handmade tortillas but this time not so lucky.

I have had the sopes here as well and they are amazing.  This is defiantly one of the spots that tourists should venture off the main avenue of Tulum to try out.

To get here, simply make a right (if you are heading south) onto Osiris Norte- at the round-about in the middle of town just past the main plaza and HSBC bank and walk about 4 blocks.  You will see the spot on the left had side of the street.  The block before there is a similar restaurant that serves the pollo asado (grilled chicken with achiote paste.)  This place is good also but not the one I am talking about.  Keep walking a short distance and you will see the shack on the next corner.  It is not really a taco cart- nor is it a restaurant.  Taco shack is the best description.

I do hope that you visit.  If you do- please tell them you saw them on Tulum Living.   These are the sorts of places that I first started this website for.  I want to see these amazing treasures make it as the economy and town change.  These are the families that make this place so magical and in order to keep Tulum´s energy- we need to support them.

So venture off the main avenue for these amazing and inexpensive dishes.


¨catch ya on the flip side.¨

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What a fantastic storm last night

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Yesterday was filled with some strange energy for me- and it seems for a lot of people that I know as well. I was filled with a tension and unease about all sorts of different areas of  my life- money- to do lists – what I was going to make for dinner – work issues- all the way down to the unorganized boxes that I still need to go through.  I could not figure out why this feeling was hovering over me like some rain cloud in a ¨Winnie the Pooh¨ book.

But then late last night something amazing happened.  A beautiful and powerful storm opened the skies and cleansed the whole area.  Flashes of lightning so bright it filled the house with that fantastic blue glow followed by the grumblings of hungry Gods.  As the grumblings grew louder and louder it sounded more like a jousting match was happening in the skies above. (I don´t know why but I imagine that the gods joust- not really sure why.)


This morning the sweet sounds of soft dripping rain could be heard around every corner.  I love the rain.  I was born and raised in Portland, OR.  And if there is one thing that we are used to … it is the rain.  It rains CONSTANTLY up there.  But when it rains there it is cold – sometimes freezing— Literally ¨freezing rain¨ is 1 of our common winter weather forecasts.  But here in the Rivera Maya it so warm that the rain feels sweet and refreshing.  It is a time when I can make a warm soup for dinner- turn my fans off – open all of my windows – and possibly use a lite blanket or even socks.  My kids get thrilled about using their hooded sweatshirts for school (yeah- my kids are easily pleased J ) and the garden and patios are washed clean. The tropical plants look so beautiful with a bit of rain dripping off them.

1 of my favorite things to do in rainy weather is to go to a cave cenote.  I mean – really any day is a good day to go to a cave cenote but on the really rainy days it is my favorite.   Because all of the cenotes are interconnected and continually circulate water- the temperature in these cave cenotes does not change temperature that much.  The water will always remain at about 75 degrees.  I love getting out of the cenotes in the misty weather.  It is beautiful and inspires a desire to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

We lost power in the middle of the night- and that part I will say was not entirely pleasant.  The stagnant air can be really tough in a power outage.  But it was not long when then the power was back, although very low.  At least the fan could run a bit and the chicken would be okay in the fridge.  J  When I woke this morning all of the lights were still operating as if on some dimmer switch from Disney´s Haunted Mansion but it created a really soft morning for me and the kids as we got ready for the long – wet trek to school.

Sitting here now – the power fully kicked in and the sudden hum of lots of little things starting to work could be heard throughout the house.  The lamp suddenly went from haunted house to time to get going.

So with that- I better start my day.  The down side to a good rain storm is finding all of the places my new house leaks and cleaning the water.  – AHHHHH the joys of living in Tulum.

Stay dry and happy!


¨Catch you on the flip side¨


Pino Suarez Lagoon

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Pino Suarez Lagoon Tulum

I love going to Pino Suarez Lagoon south of Tulum town.  Just a short drive south on 307 lands you in this picturesque area far from the crowds of Tulum beach and the heavily visited centoes.


The large lagoon is perfect for families with young kids as well as people who cannot swim or do not like to be deep in water.  The water is very shallow for over 30 meters.  And when I say shallow I mean literally knee to waist deep.


There are many beautiful areas around the lagoon to sit and relax- throw up a hammock- and enjoy a lunch and playing in the water.  Another reason I love this spot is because it is free to enter.  You do have to be careful because there have been efforts recently to privatize the area and many times they will try to tell you that you have to pay because it is private.  From all the research that we have done this is not the case and they are not allowed to charge you an entrance.


However- there are some people that take care of the area and it is nice and appropriate to give them a tip.  We usually tip about 30 pesos.  Because it is nice that it is being looked after.


To get to Pino Suarez simply drive south on the main ave. of Tulum and continue for about 10 km.  You will approach a sign that spans the highway announcing your arrival to Pino Suarez.  Make a left down the dirt road and park at the end.  You cannot miss it.


This is a great thing to do with kids and a different view then much of what most people see while visiting Tulum. 


Pino Suarez Lagoon

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Pino Suarez Lagoon Tulum

I love going to Pino Suarez Lagoon south of Tulum town.  Just a short drive south on 307 lands you in this picturesque area far from the crowds of Tulum beach and the heavily visited centoes.


The large lagoon is perfect for families with young kids as well as people who cannot swim or do not like to be deep in water.  The water is very shallow for over 30 meters.  And when I say shallow I mean literally knee to waist deep.


There are many beautiful areas around the lagoon to sit and relax- throw up a hammock- and enjoy a lunch and playing in the water.  Another reason I love this spot is because it is free to enter.  You do have to be careful because there have been efforts recently to privatize the area and many times they will try to tell you that you have to pay because it is private.  From all the research that we have done this is not the case and they are not allowed to charge you an entrance.


However- there are some people that take care of the area and it is nice and appropriate to give them a tip.  We usually tip about 30 pesos.  Because it is nice that it is being looked after.


To get to Pino Suarez simply drive south on the main ave. of Tulum and continue for about 10 km.  You will approach a sign that spans the highway announcing your arrival to Pino Suarez.  Make a left down the dirt road and park at the end.  You cannot miss it.


This is a great thing to do with kids and a different view then much of what most people see while visiting Tulum. 

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a new house and a new beginning

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2012-09-28 09.54.27

Moving to Tulum is a massive change from any lifestyle.  But it was a massive change from my old life in San Francisco. When I first moved to Tulum is was such a culture shock.  Every day was filled with new foods- experiences-  people- not to mention bugs.   I have really come to love my new home and cannot imagine living anywhere else.



A very common question that I get asked is…. ¨what is it like living in Mexico¨  and I always give the same answer…. ¨we work more hours, more days a week for a lot less money- but our day off is so much better.¨


The way that people spend their lives here is truly inspirational.  There is never enough but yet somehow…. always just enough.  When you are the most down and out and scrapping by… suddenly a friend arrives with a smile and tequila and invites you for dinner.  There is such a circular energy here that I just love.


After 5 years in Tulum I have finally moved into a new house.


It is pretty small but we are able to make due.  The kitchen has  only 1 shelf but it has all of my favorite clay pots and things so I am a happy girl.


Akilean found a turtle in the jungle last week so we have made him a happy little home in a corner of the garden and we are right next to Benji´s girlfriends house. ( my dog)   My cat- 15 years and almost as many pounds is still queen of the hood.

So after all this time- it is on to new things.
Who loves living in Mexico?!?!?!?


Great live music in Tulum this past weekend

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Mezzanine Party

Another weekend in Tulum has come and gone.   The night life in Tulum kept the locals and the few tourists that were in town happy with beats- strings- drums- trombones and key boards…. Not to mention the beautiful and amazing people that were out and about this weekend.



Live music filled the streets of Tulum and we were all out to enjoy it.  DJ parties in Tulum kept the parties going well into the morning hours.  September is always a lite month for tourists and thus for everything else…. But … no worries… we still had our favorite spots….


Friday night … I had work to do in town so I did not head out till late…. At about midnight I headed to town to tap my feet and swig a cold beer with some friends.


One of my favorite things about Tulum – well town anyway is that everywhere I go I

am not far from anywhere else… if I am not feeling 1 place,  it is a short walk to the next.  Many times… we end up doing the loop. 1 drink here…. 1 drink there… 1 more drink over there and then decide… where do we want to be.


Stay tuned as I meet with the various bands in Tulum and get some great clips of their music and post it here and on You Tube.  This is something that I am really looking forward to.


When you come to visit Tulum… make sure to visit the town and really get down with the local crowd!

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Fresh Fruit Smoothie!!!!! The perfect Tulum Breakfast!

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Papaya Smoothie ingredients


I love making smoothies for the start of my day.  It is perfect for the kids and it if filled with healthy ingredients!   And it makes my coffee time much more enjoyable and about the experiencing rather then just getting up the strength to get going.


One of our  favorite  smoothie recipe  is :



plain yogurt

small handfull of frozen berries

touch of honey

spoonful of my Magic Powders**   Semillas   & LAN  **   more on this below

and a few ice cubes


tropical fruits in a blender

Simply throw all of the ingredients into the blender and mix.  give it a few minutes to work through and pull the upper ingredients down a to the bottom.  If it is a little thick sometimes I add a touch of juice.

I use a later pitcher and use and immersion blender to mix it.  it is much easier for cleanup for me.





The Magic Powders are mixed well into the smoothie and provide me and the kids with energy and all the mutrients we need to start off a greeat day.

Okay…… so what are the magic powders?   I will have a whole post on these soon but basically they are the magical little ingredients from the area that have incredibly amazing and healings effects.



The 2 Magic Powders used in this recipie are

Semillas de Madre Tierra (Seeds from Mother Earth)  and LAN  (Linseed, oats and Cactus)

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Las Ranitas Tulum

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We arrived at Las Ranitas yesterday afternoon to enjoy the Saturday afternoon each party. When we arrived we stand out about 15% off locals discount. We booked one of their ocean front room with one king bed and 1 twin bed. The twin bed was the perfect size for our two young children. The room featured blue and yellow tones against a white clean background. Large blackout shade of navy blue hung ready to block out the early morning sun.

We hung out on the beach the rest of the afternoon when suddenly a quick moving storm force is all inside. While taking showers the hot water came quickly and steadily. the showerhead was a bit primitive and forceful but wasn’t too bad. I would have liked to have seen a bathmat by the front door on the inside. While raining, there was a lot of water that was tracked into the house when we came in and a mat would have helped a lot.

We curled up on the very soft mattress and watched the storm blow by. Once the rain stopped we headed to the restaurant for dinner. The main deck of the restaurant was too windy so we chose to eat inside. For dinner we ordered a cheeseburger with bacon for the kids the burger was well cut and of a large portion. It was perfect for them to split. I ordered the chicken Caesar salad. The dressing seemed to have been made with fresh anchovies. It was delicious. My husband ordered the mocajete. The variety of meat served with David fix things such as grilled onions and tomatoes served with tortillas. For dinner I ordered pasta with seafood. With dinner I ordered the habanero margarita. It was delicious but spicy. Ruben ordered the shark bite with watermelon. Both strengths were well made and very good.
By the end of dinner the kids had fallen asleep. We took them into the room which was just nuts away from the restaurant. We ordered desserts and after dinner cocktail and sat on the patio. By this time the wind had died down and the ambience on the patio was beautiful. We sat and talked, drink our cocktails, and enjoyed our amazing cheesecake for about an hour. It was an incredibly romantic setting.

We headed to the room to fall asleep in her very comfortable bed. The wind blew through the room well keeping it cool, and the sound of the sea in our ears. It was an incredibly relaxing night´s sleep. Although the drapes kept light out, I woke up early for the sunrise. Resting on the Internet on the front patio, I had a front row seat to the Suns rise.

We headed to the restaurant for breakfast. The cappuccino and juice was good, I regret the pancakes were not. I have the omelet mestizo, featuring baby corn mushrooms and chilli pastillo. After breakfast we headed to the pool. The pool is a great shape and features several lounges. It is close enough to hear the waves and get the best of both worlds the beach and the pool. We’re looking forward to today’s beach party. The round beach beds are amazing and the beach is one of the best in Tulum.


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