Getting to Tulum and around Tulum.

Getting to Tulum from the Cancun’s International Airport is quite simple (about 70mi).  There are a number of different options depending on your budget, time constraints and personal needs.  If you do not rent a car, the easiest and fastest way to get to Tulum is via a private transfer.  There are a number of shared van transfer options as well.  Taxis, of course, are always available, but they are the most expensive way to get to Tulum.  Some will charge as much as $150 usd!   Though it maybe the most time consuming way, you can always take the bus.  There are a few ADO buses that go directly to Tulum, but most have a stop halfway in Playa del Carmen.  This is the most cost effective way to go.  They are very comfortable, clean and safe.

There are a number of great transfer companies that we know and have worked with.  Picking a good transfer company can be tricky, as they are not all created equal.  Some are not very good about being on time or in the right place.  Others can be little shady and can rip off unsuspecting tourists advertising really good deals but when the ride is actually complete, there is some sort of change or small print.  We are happy to arrange a transfer for you if you wish.  We have worked with several companies and have picked the ones that are repeatedly on time and offer consistent, quality service and prices.  We choose to use Tulum based companies as we are wanting to promote the local economy.

Please email us at if you would like more information.

We also work with a number of local taxi drivers that offer reasonable rates to the airport, if you so choose to leave. These drivers can take you to the airport from Tulum but cannot pick you up at there because of the way the unions are set up. A taxi to the airport from Tulum will cost about $90 usd.

More on getting around Tulum itself coming soon…




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